Jormed Ankündigung
Statement of Condemnation and Denunciation of Attacks on hospitals and health centers in conflict areas
Live Interview
Dr. Abdallah Albasheer und Herr Muhammad Alodwan
Exemption from the Jordanian Medical Board Exam
JMC Hero Slider
Application for exemption from the Jordanian Board Exam for Jordanian Specialists
The Iftar meeting took place on April 15th, 2023
Jormed Kongress
The German-Jordanian Medical Association JORMED inaugurates its first and largest conference for Jordanian physician in Europe

JorMed Activities


The German city of Dortmund hosted the second annual conference of the Jordanian Medical Association in Germany on June 1, 2024, with extensive attendance from various German states.

Jormed Echokardiographie Kurs

Successful Echocardiography Course for Experts in Collaboration with Echo Academy in Kassel

  • Humanity
  • Collegiality
  • Science
  • Charity
  • Tolerance
  • High reputation of Jordanian associates
  • Achieving high scientific and medical
  • Unify the community of Jordanian doctors in Germany
  • Preserving their rights a

We are a group of physicians working in Germany with connection to Jordan. We've founded this association to build a bridge between the medical societies in both countries. We aim at improving the transition of medical expertise and medical experts between both countries. We help colleagues who arrived lately to Germany to overcome the first legal and social problems facing them at the beginning of their career in Germany. We also help integrating Jordanian physicians in the German society and to build useful connections among the members of the society.



Ramadan JORMED
Overview of scientific articles on the topic of Ramadan fasting
25 Mar 2023

Several scientific publications have focused on the topic of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, and here we provide links to some of the publications in different journals:


Dr. Babikir Haidar Babikir el Rayah
Specialist in Anesthesiology

I would like to thank the organizers and administrators. The training was excellent despite the low number of attendees. However, this led to all questions and comments being fully answered. This includes training on the equipment as well. I am eagerly looking forward to the advanced course.

Dr.Zaid Khasawneh

I would like to thank the German-Jordanian Medical Association and its team for their help and support for their colleagues in Germany and especially outside Germany, in Jordan. The association supported me when I was stuck in Jordan during the corona crisis and my return to Germany became difficult after I had fulfilled all the requirements to start my medical work in Germany, but my return was made more difficult by lock-down.
The association and especially the colleague Zamzam helped by arranging an online job interview, which resulted in an employment contract, which was the prerequisite for a visa and for the successful start of my activity in Germany.
The association has several advantages for us as Jordanian doctors in Germany in many respects. He is our united voice and common hand.

jormed khreisat
Dr.Saif Khraisat

The German-Jordanian Medical Association is a home and home for all Jordanian doctors in Germany. It is a source of verified information from which we draw the latest verified news and information.  He is like a family to us. The honorable goals, which were clearly formulated from the very beginning, are aimed at supporting the Jordanian medical profession in Germany and protecting its rights. Blessed are the efforts of the volunteers of the association, we wish continued success.
Thank you and appreciate

Jordanian Medical Association in Germany

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 رابطة الأطباء الأردنيين
 جمعية الأطباء الأردنيين في ألمانيا
 اتحاد الأطباء الأردنيين في ألمانيا
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Jordanischer Ärzteverband in Deutschland

Jordanian Medical Association in Germany