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The Geman-Jordanian Physician Association JORMED inaugurates its first and largest conference in Europe in the city of Kamen in Germany
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The German-Jordanian Physician Association held its first annual conference in the German city of Kamen on 24.09.2022, in which a large number of Jordanian doctors from all over the Germany participated. It is the largest conference at the level of Jordanian doctors in Europe, where the number of attendees exceeded 150 people.

The conference was attended by Their Excellencies the Chairman, Rapporteur and Honorable Members of the Health Committee in the House of Representatives, as well as His Excellency the Jordanian Ambassador, Dr. Yousef Bataineh.

The conference was distinguished by its various activities, including lectures and practical workshops in four different halls simultaneously and in the presence of representatives of representatives of several arab medical societies from the arab world in Germany.

The events began with a lecture by Mr. Mirko Koch, a specialized German lawyer in health law, on the topic of explaining medical procedures to patients and the legal and moral obligation of taking an informed consent prior to medical procedures and operations.

Then Dr. Omar Khader followed, giving a valuable lecture on the vascular complications of surgeries and gave surgical tips of managing these. That was followed by Dr. Alaa Salman's lecture on the interventional treatment of vascular injuries. Both lectures were followed by vivid discussion on the better way of managing vascular injuries and complications.

Meanwhile, the intubation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation workshop of Dr. Ahmed Jazi and Dr. Muhannad Al-Talib had begun, as well as the workshop of Dr. Muhammad Al-Halabi on surgical sutures, and both workshops were divided into two parts due to the high demand for them.

In the main Hall the medical lectures proceeded with a scientific lecture by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Najjar on antibiotics, giving the attendance an overview on the modern principles in the anti-infectious strategies. Dr. Malik Lafi followed speaking about pulmonary and venous thromboembolism, the causes and the therapy regimes.

Simultaneously, two workshops were held, the one on radial access for cardiac catheterization, by Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Hadi, as well as a specialized bone ligation workshop presented by Dr. Tariq Abu Zamzam.

Meanwhile, a meeting was held for representatives of a number of Arab medical societies, namely:

The Jordanian Doctors Association in Germany (JORMED)

Palestinian Doctors Association in Germany (PALMED)

Lebanese Doctors Association in Germany

Egyptian Doctors Association in Germany

Association of Tunisian Doctors in Germany

Algerian Doctors Association in Germany

Libyan German Scientific Council

Association of Northwest German Doctors

The German-Yemeni Medical Association has apologized for not participating in this meeting due to matters beyond its control.

They discussed the draft constitution, which will be the legal basis on which the fields of work will be built in the next stage, which aims to establish an official union recognized in Germany as an umbrella for those associations affiliated under it, and ways of joint cooperation and establishing joint projects that serve all its affiliated members were discussed. The meeting was moderated by Dr. Firas Obeidat and Dr. Imad Abu Rayan, as well as Dr. Tarek Abu Zamzam.

Then the scientific lectures in the main hall was concluded with a distinguished lecture by Dr. Mahmoud Shdeifat on modern techniques for the treatment of diabetes and obesity. Then Dr. Laith Al-Samouri gave an exceptional lecture on the medical and health system in Germany and its specialization programs, and I found a good interaction from the accompanying official delegation.

The Chairman of the Health Council, His Excellency Deputy Dr. Tayseer Krishan, the Health Committee's Rapporteur, His Excellency Deputy Dr. Abdul Rahim Maayah, and His Excellency the Jordanian Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Yousef Al-Bataineh, gave several speeches in which they commended the efforts of Jordanian doctors in supporting the health sector in Jordan and establishing charitable projects that will benefit the citizen. The Jordanian doctors in the first place, and they praised the advanced medical and scientific level in Germany, which appeared through the lectures and contributions of the participants in the conference from the Jordanian doctors. At that time, an open meeting was held with the participating members, and their inquiries and questions were answered, especially regarding the new Jordanian board law, and they promised to provide full support and facilitate communication with official and governmental bodies in Jordan to the highest levels.

In conclusion, the President of the Society, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Hadi, gave a word of thanks to the President of the Conference, Dr. Tariq Abu Zamzam, who has worked over the past months to establish organizational sub-committees specialized in specific tasks such as the Catering Committee, the Photography Committee, the Registration Committee, and the Lectures Committee, and follow up on their work, which contributed to the conference’s emergence in a bright, organized and worthy manner.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Hadi also thanked the rest of the board team for their blessed and distinguished efforts in the society, in particular:

Dr. Imad Abu Rayyan, who founded the JORMED Academy, which had great contributions to the march of the nascent association, Dr. Abu Rayyan will bid farewell to us. Abu Rayan to continue his career in the State of Qatar and we wish him success.

Dr. Ali Maayah, who is responsible for the Jordanian and Foreign Relations Committee, which coordinated with the House of Representatives, the German Embassy in Berlin and the Jordanian Medical Council for several weeks, and these efforts were the reason for the attendance of the official delegation participating in the annual conference.

Dr. Wael Hudaib, the registration and finance official, who made the name tags and actively followed the reception process on the day of the conference and organized the association's financial record professionally.

Dr. Rayan Aldalaian, who contributed to the logistical support of the association by following up the members and promoting the activities of the association and receiving the official delegation from Jordan at the airport, accompanying them with Dr. Ali Al-Maayah to the hotel and coordinating their arrival to the conference. We will leave Dr. Aldalaian for personal circumstances and we wish him success and good health.

Dr. Firas Obeidat, the media official in JORMED and its secretary, who throughout the establishment period and its aftermath, promoted the media for all the activities of the association, visual publicity for it, taking care of the association and academic news, writing official statements, organizing registration for workshops and meetings, and finally the annual conference.

As well as to all those who contributed to the success of the conference, including generous attendance and lecturers

Jordanian Medical Association in Germany

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