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Embassies and consulates are the points of contact between countries in the world, and one of their most important tasks is to serve their citizens in other countries and to provide assistance in the event of an emergency.

And in case one happens, God forbid, what services can your country’s embassy in Germany provide if you are exposed to an emergency.

Passport loss

  • If you lose your passport, the consul at the embassy of your country can give you a temporary alternative to travel with.
  • If your passport has been stolen, you must first inform the German local police and obtain a report signed by the police station.
  • You can also renew your passport from the embassy of your country if its expiry date approaches. Don't let your passport expire, because this will cause you problems when travelling outside Germany just in general.

Loss of your money

  • To be able to get your money in the event of losing it, the consul in your country’s embassy can help you by contacting your family in your country, the bank or an employee specialized to arrange for the money to be sent to you
  • The chance of obtaining financial assistance from the embassy of your country is small, but it is possible if the person is poor and is in desperate need of the money.

Entering prison

In the event that you were admitted to prison for any reason, the consul, upon a request from you, will visit you in your prison to ensure your safety, that you are in good health and that you are taking the appropriate treatment from the authorities in prison in case your are ill.

Hospital admission

The consul can visit you in the hospital as you wish, but will not interfere with your treatment.


Children born in Germany are given the citizenship of their parents. They don't get the German citizenship.

The embassy issues a document in this circumstance to obtain the citizenship.

To be issued this document, you need:

  • the child’s birth certificate, which must be registered with the local authorities.
  • the passport of the father and mother
  • in addition to a translated copy of the marriage contract.

The birth certificate is taken from the Aliens Registration Office where you take your residence permit.

The hospital usually helps perform these procedures.

In the case of death

In cases of death, the nearest consulate or embassy of your country in Germany will be notified as soon as possible.

The consul then informs your closest relative and then obtains a death certificate.

Arranging burial procedures either in Germany or in the country of the deceased.

The cost of transporting the deceased to his country is very expensive and is not borne by the embassy, ​​but they can guarantee the payment of transportation costs.


Embassy staff provide advice on marriage in Germany and on immigration to a non-German wife.


Embassy staff can take the place of a public notary in your country.

Embassy staff certify documents related to birth, death, marriage and other matters.

A translation of the documents must be submitted in English if they are in a language other than German.


The embassy helps you vote while you are outside your country.


Provide limited assistance with tax issues in your country.

It has a list of local tax experts "Steuerberater".

Other services

The Embassy may provide information and assistance regarding pensions and other government benefits. German missions have brochures with names, phone numbers, and English-speaking addresses for doctors, dentists, lawyers, investigators, consultants, tax and banking, translators, interpreters, and more. But it is usually not recommended and you should take responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of the information provided.

Services the embassy does not offer

The embassy does not interfere in judicial and court procedures, nor does it provide judicial advice.

It doesn't get you out of prison.

It cannot provide better treatment in hospital nor legal help for prison than the provided by the officials.

Does not investigate in crimes.

Does not pay hotel bills, medical bills, or even airline tickets.

It does not provide accommodation for you.

Does not provide travel and banking services.

However, it can provide you with information about who provides these services.

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